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vocal ajout sur le voice trappé lien sur voice trappé lien sur voice trappé voice trappé voice trappé lien sur voice trappé Voice Trap V20 With Crack And Acapella 23 A voice sample is a sound recording containing a person's voice. voice samples can be used for playback on tape recorders, radio, computers, telephones, and other media. The sound of a person's voice can be used to communicate with the human species and to give useful information about the human. For this reason, voice recording technology has been used in public health, education, medicine, and many other fields. Many professional voice-over artists record sound samples for use in films and television commercials, and they are often used in television and radio news broadcasts. In business, voice recordings can be used for announcing products or services, to provide additional information about a business, and to entertain. Human voices vary in pitch, tone, timbre, and volume, which are factors that affect the quality of voice recordings. Therefore, some voice-recorders have various audio controls that allow the user to change the recording characteristics. History The first recorded use of the word voice is in the Latin sense of "sound". It first appears in English in the early 15th century. The word first appeared in the early 15th century in the sense of "sound" in the Latin verb vetus "to be heard". In the medieval Latin sense of "voice" the verb was in the present tense vetare (vetitare), which meant "to listen to" or "to hear". This same sense was borrowed into English in the 13th century (in the noun "voice" which meant "sound"). However, the English had not borrowed the Latin past tense vetitus "heard, listened to" and was using the Latin past participle velum "heard, listened to" instead. This appears to be an example of loanwords and neologisms. The usual method to explain the absence of a loanword is to say that it was not borrowed, but in fact "reborn" into the English language. Using a dictation program, voice samples can be recorded in the real time. A sampled voice recording is usually called a voice sample, or, sometimes, a voice track or audio track, voice track, voice audio track, voice track, sample or sample, file, or recording be359ba680

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